Project 521

Christain Dramas about Gods Protection and Real Lives Changed

Christian Drama Scripts

The plays are based on real-life experiences of the author while directing an inner-city missions project, and show how God is Able to deliver those in need. Since 1970, the author has traveled in the United States and Canada, preaching and sharing his street gang experiences upon which the plays are based.

Some characters have been added and events altered for dramatic purposes. Some names are used by permission; some names are in honor of loved ones. The project name has been changed, and the location kept anonymous.

A printers copy is available for productions. In order for groups to finance a production, the author leaves it flexible, trusting groups to give him a gift to the best of their ability.

For information and details about doing a production Contact us.

Note: All Scripture verses are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible which is in public domain.

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