Project 521

Christain Dramas about Gods Protection and Real Lives Changed


During Daily Vacation Bible School in the summer of 1997, Bill Bowdoin shared his vision for the play project with our teen class. Throughout the week, he acted out the gang experiences the plays are based on. We had record attendance with many commitments to Christ. At the end of the week, we all encouraged Bill to get the plays written, believing God could greatly use them if they were available for groups to act out.

Larry and Kim

Former Youth Leaders

Our academy students have enjoyed presenting the plays about Project 521. The plays challenge believers to share Christ in whatever opportunities that they face! As we see young people willing to band together in prayer, and then go out and witness even in dangerous places, trusting God for protection, we are challenged again that the great commission is for all of us who know Christ.

The unchanging Gospel message is powerfully proclaimed by the plays, making it very clear that Christ is able to save all who come to Him even to the “uttermost.” As our students invested much time and prayer in their productions, they came to realize the potential witness to each audience. They were continuing in the faithful pattern of the college students whom they portrayed! The plays are a great witnessing tool and a great challenge to believers as well!

Former Christian School Administrator

As wife of the author, I have been involved in assisting him in writing and editing. I was involved in a production of The Chase as the assistant director and The Wallet as director. I also have directed the skit version of The Chase several times. Having done this, I can say that the plays about Project 521 not only reach out to the lost as a great witnessing tool but also reach into the lives of the cast, crew, and all who take part.

The plays have great potential to reach people who attend that may avoid the Gospel presentation in other situations. We saw friends and relatives of cast and crew come to the performances who would avoid the Gospel otherwise. Many people came to the productions just because of interest in hearing the story about the gangs.

In order to do the productions, we experienced spiritual warfare and our lives were stretched and touched. We were challenged to pray and grow in Christ in a number of ways. Even some of the cast made decisions for Christ.

Joyce Bowdoin

Teacher and Drama Director

Corning Christian Academy

Corning, New York

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